Punchliners – Live Comedy Shows happening near you !!

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Livid in making vivid ends meet? Why don’t you just slow down and let your brain rest for a minute.  All you’ve to do is sit down and let comedians take over your senses with their punchlines. But, what’s Punchliners?. Let us come up with made-up stuff and we’ll elaborate it to you later.

we are bringing a couple of drop out engineers who think their job is not challenging enough and ask them to make you laugh, all in for beer and peanuts.
What to expect from The Punchliners? If you’re the people of New Delhi, Mumbai, jaipur, chandigarh and other cities you’re in for a treat. The Punchliners launching this january . We can hook you up with places where you can gulp beer along with some gut-wrenching comedy by India’s top Comedians. To make your experience a fruitful one, we’ll be giving you VIP treatment or maybe a couple of free drinks, who knows? If you don’t seek royalty and in for few pints, you can buy tickets for each standup Comedy event starting @ Rs. 299 which is 100% cashback and redeemable on certain websites. Either way, it is a win-win situation.
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